Lycon Precision Waxing

At Virgo Beauty we use a combination of strip wax and Lycon Precision Wax as appropriate to give the most comfortable and the best results. Lycon, the crème de la crème of hair removal waxes, is a world leader in waxing technology, delivering superior performance and ensuring a clean sexy feeling.


Half LegStrip Wax£25
Three Quarter LegStrip Wax£28
Full LegStrip Wax£34
Classic BikiniTo Panty Line£18
G-String BikiniHigh Cut£22
BrazilianLycon Hot Wax or Strip,
A strip of hair remaining at the front
HollywoodLycon Hot Wax or Strip.
Full hair removal
UnderarmLycon Hot Wax or Strip£18
ForearmStrip Wax£19
Full ArmStrip Wax£22
Eyebrow ShapeStrip Wax or Lycon Hot Wax£18
LipLycon Hot Wax£10
Lip and ChinLycon Hot Wax£17
FaceLycon Hot Wax£22
NostrilLycon Hot Wax£10