Lycon Precision Waxing

Our skilled therapists are trained to expertly combine both Strip and Hot wax to deliver precision and long lasting hair removal results.
Lycon, the crème de la crème and world leader in waxing technology, delivers superior performance ensuring a comfortable experience especially on sensitive skin or on the most intimate of areas.


Half LegStrip WaxFrom £28
Three Quarter LegStrip WaxFrom £32
Full LegStrip WaxFrom £38
Classic BikiniTo Panty LineFrom £21
High Cut BikiniHigh CutFrom £26
BrazilianLycon Hot Wax & Strip,
A strip of hair remaining at the front
From £42
HollywoodLycon Hot Wax & Strip.
Full hair removal
From £42
UnderarmLycon Hot Wax or StripFrom £18
ForearmStrip WaxFrom £21
Full ArmStrip WaxFrom £25
Eyebrow Shape/ ThreadingStrip Wax or Lycon Hot WaxFrom £18
LipLycon Hot Wax or StripFrom £13
Lip and ChinLycon Hot Wax or StripFrom £17
Face Wax / ThreadingLycon Hot Wax or StripFrom £35
Nostril or Ear WaxLycon Hot WaxFrom £15
Half Leg & Classic BikiniPackage priceFrom £42
Full leg & Classic BikiniPackage priceFrom £52
Eyebrow Shape & TintPackage priceFrom £27
Eyebrow Shape, Brow Tint & Lash Tint PackagePackage priceFrom £42
Ear & Nostril WaxPackage PriceFrom £25