We do not expect you to know what your skin needs…That is our job!

You will receive a consultation every time you visit Virgo Beauty. This complimentary consultation enables us to identify the best facial and skin care products for you so our treatments give you optimum results every time. Of course, if you have a favourite product brand do let us know.

We use an innovative skin vision lamp during all our facial consultations enabling us to identify precisely where our help is required. This ensures we prescribe the most effective facial and products to suit your skin and give you the best possible results.

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What Do We Do?

There is no pain involved with Rf. A wand is gently swept across the surface of the skin to gradually, uniformly and safely heat the skin to a constant 38 – 42 degrees, depending on the area treated.
It feels very much like having a hot stone massage and is very relaxing.

RF is fast and effective, taking around half an hour per treatment area. The Beauty is it can be performed in your lunch break and no one would be any the wiser

You need to play the long game…

The treatments have an accumulative effect with the biggest improvements often seen several months after the first treatment is received. One treatment can have noticeable results and is great for a special occasion but if you really want to see a lasting difference a course is required.

What The Experts Say?

Radio frequency is just one of the tools in our tool kit, combine RF skin tightening along with CACI muscle toning and a customised skin care plan and face your future with beautiful confidence.

The Nu Era is a state-of-the-art medical grade Radio Frequency technology, and is approved by the; Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MDRA) FDA and is also CE marked.

All meaning it has years of medical evidence & research to support its results.

The process provides an excellent alternative to injectables and other costly and invasive cosmetic surgeries. Call the salon for more information or to book your free consultation and give it a try.

Treatment starts at £80 per area


What our clients say...
Goring’s best kept secret

Why not pop into the salon for a spot of indulgent shopping and professional beauty advice you can trust?

Our extensive range of some of the best beauty and skin care collections epitomises everything Virgo Beauty is renowned for. Whether you are looking for an unusual gift, innovative anti-ageing products or the latest fun-colour nail polish we would love to see you. We stock Clarins, ESPA, Fakebake, Nailtiques and OPI to name but a few.

Complimentary Rambouts coffee or one of our scrumptious herbal teas.

Free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected
whilst being pampered. Please be respectful to other guests when using your phone.

Wheelchair and Baby Buggy access to the ground floor
treatment room and nail bar area, just let us know when booking

Looking for the perfect present?
Virgo Beauty Gift Cards available.