Meet Our In House Artist

Meet Our In House Artist

We are very proud to have an amazing local artist, Roberta Tetzner display her stunning and original works of art at our Pangbourne Salon.

Roberta is based in Goring and has a passion for the great outdoors, many of her paintings reflections of the beautiful Thames we all live alongside.

“My aim is to create works of art that allow personal interpretation and that through their imagery highlight and represent the beauty of the local landscape and our experiences within it. The purpose of my work is for you to feel immersed in this vitality, positivity, joy and wonder in your own environment.”
I have just commissioned one of her beautiful pieces for my own home. “Harmony”

Roberta will be hosting a meet and greet on the 6th March 2022 from 3pm – 5 pm at our pangbourne location where you can view all the pieces she has on display throughout the salon, ask her any questions on art and even make a purchase. she has a wealth of knowledge and once you meet her you will appreciate her amazing talent even more.

To see more of her work go to