Clarins & Espa Relaxation Facials

ESPA & Clarins Facial Treatments

We do not expect you to know what your skin needs. That is our job.

You will receive a consultation every time you visit Virgo Beauty. This complimentary consultation enables us to identify the best facial and skin care products for you so our treatments give you optimum results every time. Of course, if you have a favourite product brand do let us know.

We use an innovative skin vision lamp during all our facial consultations enabling us to identify precisely where our help is required. This ensures we prescribe the most effective facial and products to suit your skin and give you the best possible results.

ESPA Facials

All of our facials are tailored to you and depending on your needs include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial steam or Clarisonic, head, neck & shoulder massage, Cleansing mineral or hydrating mask and a selection of tailored serums and moisturisers to finish. More than just a cleanse – a totally relaxing treat.
Some of our inclusions may vary according to your personal requirements on the day.
( Please let your therapist know if you have any food allergies)

Espa Signature Aromatherapy Facial 1 hour of utter relaxation while your skin is deep cleaned, exfoliated massaged and hydrated leaving you feeling fabulous for days to comeFrom £75
Espa Express FacialA 30 minute treatment, tailored to your individual skin type, a beautiful Espa facial just quicker.Not Currently Available
Espa Natural Lift & Firm80 minute of work out, this facial is designed to lift and firm using very brisk firm stokes stimulating muscle tone, lymph drainage and circulation. You will leave knowing you have had a facial
From £100
Why not add a little extra including the following
LED light TherapyRed LED stimulates the Collagen & Elastin production in the skin cells, strengthening and thickening
Blue LED kills Acne foming bacteria, this is a great addition to any facial
CACI Hydro MaskBrilliant if your skin is dehydrated, instantly boosting the Hyaluronic acid in the skin£15
CACI Microderm abrasionDeep exfoliation with an orbital abrader£15
Milia RemovalThe removal of hard whitish lumps of oil just under the surface of the skin either using a Micro Lance or ElectrolysisFrom £15

We also offer an Executive ESPA facial for men.

Clarins Signature Facials

The 6 Signature facials are a market leader and  renowned for their results.

All our Clarins facials begin with a detailed skin analysis ensuring we choose exactly the right facial for you. The power of Clarins professional-only products and specifically formulated pro-serums and enzyme masks  deliver visibly healthier skin with long lasting results.

Clarins Signature Facial with Scalp Massagean hour and 25 minute de stress, tailored to your skin type, deep cleansing deep draining and including an amazing stress relieving scalp massageFrom £95
Clarins Signature FacialA very relaxing facial of just over an hour. Concentrating on deep draining, really good if your skin is puffy and sluggishFrom £80
Clarins Express FacialIf you are short on time this 40 minute facial will be designed to work on your main areas of concern, what ever that may be?Not Currently Available
My Clarins -Teenagers FacialA 30 minute facial using My Clarins skin care range perfectly designed to meet the needs of an ever changing teenagers skin.From £45
Why not add on a little something to give you even greater results
LED light therapyRed Stimulated Collagen and Elastin in the cells strengthens and thickens the skin
Blue Kills Acne forming bacteria
Milia RemovalHard white lumps of oil trapped just under the surface of the skin£15
CACI Hydro MaskGreat if you have dehydrated skin, instantly restoring the Hyaluronic Acid£15
CACI Microdermabrasiona very effective exfoliation using a orbital abrader£15