Sarah Braving the Shave For Cancer Research UK

Sarah Braving the Shave For Cancer Research UK

Raising money for Cancer Research UK

Over the years I have met so many people affected by this debilitating disease.

The heartache and suffering experienced by everyone living with Cancer is overwhelming.

In fact, not a day that goes by where I do not meet someone who has been touched by this disease.

Meeting so many clients with Cancer in their lives made me realise I wanted to do something,

and now it is personal,

My sister Marion was diagnosed 2 years ago with Breast Cancer which was successfully treated.

Then during lockdown she noticed some back pain, on further investigation the doctors discovered the Cancer had returned in her spine.

Marion is now receiving palliative chemo therapy at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading.

In support of my sister Marion losing her hair I wanted join her and remind people why these amazing charities need all our support

Cancer is on the increase and can only be stopped through research and development

My sister and I are true testament of the statistics that currently 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with Cancer

The money we raise may not save a life today but hopefully it will tomorrow. “Lets do this together”

We will continue to raise money for this amazing and much needed charity and would love your continued support. Donations are always welcome in the salon and we will hold more charity events throughout the coming year. follow us on our social media foe event announcements.

Our current total runs at an astonishing £9,000

Thank you so much for supporting this amazing charity. xx