Did you know

Did you know

“Did you know”

VIRGO, is the Latin word given to mean a woman of beauty and purity,

VIRGO,  is also the 6th sign of the zodiac, and is represented by the image of a female.

VIRGO, is an earth sign which fits well with our values of sustainability and brands we 100% believe in, we are grounded and honest.

VIRGO’s personality traits are

Highly organised,




Which are all traits we aspire too.

We believe this one word entirely encapsulates who we are and what we represent.

And apparently VIRGO is the sexiest sign in the zodiac which is my personal favourite!

My maiden name is VIRGO

My Husband Tony and Director was born a VIRGO

But if you didn’t get the original subliminal message then at least it’s a name most people can remember.