The Teenage Years

The Teenage Years

Ahhh the teenage years – that time in your life where you’re just starting to find your way in the big wide world. No cares, no commitments; it really is a stage in your life which you will look back on fondly in years to come.

Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan during teenage years. One of the common things is your skin may go through tough periods including blotchiness and spots. Luckily, at Virgo Beauty we want to help you get that beautiful skin back to its best:

The Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract
This exfoliating cleanser is perfect to revive dull skin and leave it glowing. The orange extract works to soften, refresh and revive tired looking skin so it looks gorgeous!

Clarins one-step facial cleanser with orange extract
This cleanser and toner in one will remove every last bit of your makeup as well as leaving skin fresh and radiant – no need to rinse with this one, it’s that fresh and pure!

Daily Energizer Cream
This cream is all about softening your skin, as well correcting minor imperfections and balancing your complexion. It is also a great base for makeup and leaves your skin very toned.

Daily Energizer Wake Up Booster
A boosting gel which provides an amazing sense of well-being. It moisturises your skin leaving it smooth and refreshed.

Water Comfort one-step Cleanser
The Moringa Seed extract in this water-fresh cleanser rinses away impurities in your skin ans well as light makeup. The peach extract leaves your skin velvety-soft!

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
This cleansing gel leaves wonderful results on your skin; it detoxifies, de-blemishes and clears. It’s gentle base neutralises hard water and its formula gives your skin that luminous, fabulous look

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